Bank Safer – Tips to help protect you from cyber theft

Our goal is to help our clients keep more of their hard earned money. 
That means helping them protect their accounts from cyber theft!

Here are our top tips to help keep you and yours protected:

  • Protect your computer.  Make sure you have software installed on your computer that protects you from malware or malicious software.  Also, have a firewall program to prevent unauthorized access to your computer.
  • Be careful where and how you connect to the internet.  If you are sitting down to pay some bills and check your account balances be sure you do so from your own laptop or mobile devise through a known, trusted and secure connection. 
  • Use care on social sites.  Cyber criminals utilize information you post on social networking sites to try to figure out your passwords.  Be care of sharing a lot of personal information like your place of birth or mother’s maiden name.
  • Be smart when using your smartphone or tablet – Never leave your phone or tablet unattended and be sure to use the auto lock feature so that a password is required to regain access if your phone has been idle for a certain period of time.


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