Business Banking Fees

We want to help local businesses keep more of their hard earned money so we do our part by keeping our business banking fees to a minimum.

Fees we do have to charge include:

NSF & Uncollected Funds Fees

NSF fees or Non-Sufficient Funds and Uncollected Funds fees occur when checks you have deposited into your account have not had time to clear and as a result, you do not have the funds available in your account to cover checks you have written or automatic payment transfers you have made. We charge a fee  for these types of errors.

Advice from your bank

  • Try to keep a cushion in your account to cover any accidental errors.
  • Remember to immediately deduct all ATM, Bill-Pay withdrawals as well as debit card purchases and checks.
  • Remember to factor in clearing time when you deposit checks, or better yet, arrange for Direct Deposit to avoid check clearing delays.

Minimum Balance Fees

Our minimum balance requirements are very low but in the event they do fall below the required amount, certain fees apply.

Advice from your bank

Keep a close eye on your account balance. Take advantage of telephone or internet banking to track your balance and do what you can to stay above your accounts minimum.