Begin your long term savings plan with an IRA.

Individual Retirement Accounts offer significant tax breaks, meaning your money will grow in these accounts tax deferred. If you have any questions about moving forward with your retirement goals, give us a call or stop in and speak to one of our customer service representatives.

Individual Retirement Account Options:

IRA Statement Savings

To get started on saving for your retirement with our IRA Statement Savings Account, you need only $10. Your money begins to grow tax deferred in your account right away!

Variable Rate IRA

To help our customer’s gain the biggest return of the money they are saving, we have created a Variable Rate IRA. The minimum balance necessary to open and begin earning interest is $10. This product offers a CD-based interest rate which is great and comes with the benefit of being FDIC insured so it is a terrific, safe way to save for your retirement.

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