Maybe Next Year…All about Holiday Clubs


When the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, you made the resolution to take budgeting seriously.  All throughout the year you’ve been good about following your plan. Then the October is here and you’ve realized you forgot to budget for the holiday season! 

Every year, hundreds of families are guilty of forgetting to save money for the holidays.  After all, life can get busy and the holidays have a tendency of creeping up on us.  Wallkill Valley Savings & Loan, wants to help you plan effectively for the holidays so maybe next year you can be prepared when the most wonderful time of the year comes around.  How?  Open a Holiday Club Account.

What is a Holiday Club Account?
A Holiday Club Account is a type of savings account built specifically for setting aside money for the holiday season.  While these types of accounts are small, they are important because they encourage you to not only save for the holidays, but also build healthy savings habits in general. We know some people think of Holiday Club Accounts as old fashioned but we think they are smart.  Plus, with features such as direct deposit, you can be saving without even knowing!

How does a Holiday Club Account with WVFSL work?
All you need to open our Holiday Club Account is $10. Then, even if you just by deposit $10 every week beginning in November, you will save over $500 by next year!

What are the benefits of opening a Holiday Club Account?

  • Not having to juggle your budget to pay for gifts during the holiday season
  • Peace of mind knowing you have money set aside so you can enjoy the season
  • Avoiding racking up credit card debt that will haunt you when January arrives

When should you open a Holiday Club Account?
Although it’s too late to open a Holiday Club Account for this year, on November 1st, you can come into any of our branches and open one for next year! 

Whether you are scrambling to get everything ready for the holidays or trying to reach another financial goal, Wallkill Valley Federal Savings & Loan is here for all of your financial needs all year long after all, we’re your biggest fan!  Next year, fully enjoy your holiday by opening your Holiday Club Account today at any one of our eight branch locations. To find out more, give us a call at 845-895-2051 or visit