WVFSL is like a Summer Blockbuster


In the height of summertime heat, there is nothing quite like escaping to the movies for a little AC & entertainment.  When Avengers: Infinity War was released it got us in the mood for a good blockbuster and now with Incredibles 2, Jurassic World 2, Ant Man & The Wasp and Mission: Impossible – Fallout, a summer filled with great entertainment looks to be on the horizon.

When you think of banking, summer blockbusters and entertainment may not be high on your list of thoughts but since we are spending our days daydreaming of summer, we’d like to share 4 reasons that we think Wallkill Valley Federal Savings & Loan is like a Summer Blockbuster:

We are Relevant
One of the things that makes a movie appealing is that its story lines up with the dreams, beliefs and ideals of its audience.  Everyone loves a movie where the hero (or heroine) makes their dreams come true and that is something we do every day at WVFSL.  Whether it is helping you set up a savings account so your kid can go to college, giving you a loan so that you can purchase your first home or make improvements to your home or helping you achieve your dream of opening a coffee shop in your hometown, we can help. 

We are Extraordinary
Every great movie has an extraordinary hero and for us at WVFSL it is our staff.  These everyday heroes go above and beyond for our customers each day and many of them donate their spare time to give back to the causes that make our communities great!  We are so very proud of the community-minded individuals that make up our team. 

A quick Google search of the movies being released this summer and you will quickly see a trend.  Many of the movies that will have you lining up to get out of the heat are sequels! What started as a single branch 100+ years ago has turned out several sequels.  All 8 of our branches are like really good sequels (Think Toy Story 3) that make banking easier for our customers and allow us to offer our unique style of banking to more communities throughout the Hudson Valley.

Star Power
Everyone can surely admit that we have gone to a movie because of our favorite actor (or actress).  They call that star power and we have it in spades.  Who is our star?  YOU!  Everything we do is to be sure that you, our customers have an ideal banking experience, after all, We’re your biggest fan!

If you’ve had fun reading our summer blockbuster inspired blog we hope you will take a moment to visit us on all the social places.  Our YouTube, website, and Facebook are all there to keep you informed on not only the product and services we have to offer but we also like to give you updates on community happenings and have a little fun at the same time.  We hope to see you there!