Episode 2: We’re Your Biggest Fan… We Can’t Wait To Share More!

Simply put, we love the people and communities that we are lucky enough to serve each and every day.  Our new online video series – We’re Your Biggest Fan gives us the opportunity to share a little bit about the people and organizations that make up our community with some banking know-how thrown in for good measure.

Episode 2 of We’re Your Biggest Fan has just launched and it places its focus on our Maybrook branch. 

Here is what you can look forward to in this episode:

Community First
For this episode, our President & CEO Mike Horodyski is going to share about Maybrook’s Senior Citizen’s club, the Golden Links.  WVFSL values the senior community.  They built our communities and made them what they are today so we are delighted to offer financial support to make the programs offered by The Golden Links possible.  Our Maybrook Branch Manager Denise frequently leads seminars on topics such as elder abuse so that Golden Links members can avoid being taken advantage of.

Better Banking Tip
The second segment features Assistant Vice President & Branch Manager Denise M. sharing information about Safe Deposit Boxes.  While owing an in-home safe is quite popular these days and is a great option for keeping your valuables safe, WVFSL would like you to consider this:  If your home is robbed and the burglar sees your safe but is unable to locate the key, they will most likely take it with them and find some other way to open it.

We’re your biggest fan!
One of the really great people doing good around the Maybrook neighborhood is Stanley D.  Stanley is a Maybrook resident and WVFSL customer who has a part-time handyman business.  What makes Stanley stand out is how he will go out of the way to help those in need, whether it is helping a neighbor who is locked out of her apartment or some other repair job, we are proud of Stanley, in fact, We’re your biggest fan!

Check out the show for yourself on our YouTube, website or on Facebook.  If you like it, share it!  We hope you find the show inspiring to do some good of your own and be sure to keep coming back for more.  After all….we’re your biggest fan.