Budgeting Makes Giving Easier


Giving makes us happier.  It’s not just a nice sentiment; there is real science behind it.  When we give, we get the same rush as when we enjoy a piece of chocolate.  And it doesn’t seem to matter how much you give, the rush is the same.  Turns out that the feeling you get when you give $5 is the same as the feeling you get when you give $100.  Studies indicate that people who give are happier, have a greater sense of gratitude and live longer. 

So what if you want to give but just seem to have trouble actually doing it?  Well, we’d like to help.  Below are a few very practical tips that can help:

  • Budget for it.  Come up with a number that you feel comfortable giving and then create a line item in your budget. 
    • Some people like to make a large donation at the end of the year, if that is you, decide on the amount, divide by 12 and that is the amount you need to set aside monthly. 
    • Others want to be able to give as the spirit moves them, if that is you, set aside a monthly amount to put in a savings account so that the money is waiting when you feel inspired.
  • Make a sacrifice.  Find something in your current budget that you are willing to cut back so you have extra money to give.
  • Make it automatic.  You don’t miss money you don’t see.  Have a certain amount of money taken out of your bank account monthly and place it in either a savings account or have the money go directly to the charity of your choice each month.
  • Be specific.  Finding a cause you have a passion for will give you a greater motivation to give.  Look for opportunities that allow you to fund clear and tangible projects. 

Giving connects us to each other.  When we give, we feel an instant connection to the people or organization to which we give a donation.  Which means it is great for our communities!  As a bank that believes in putting Community First, we make it a priority to donate time and resources to not-for-profits that benefit our local community.   We hope this blog helps you get connected to the cause in your back yard that you care about the most.