Your Personal Information Is Important To Us! How WVFSL Stays On Top Of Cyber Security


The banking industry has always been at the forefront of information protection and data theft prevention. Cybersecurity issues are an especially important concern as more and more banking transactions are being performed online. In the face of ever-growing cyber threats, there is a growing need for banks to prevent access to company and personal information by unauthorized third parties.

Of course, these concerns coincide with the needs of banks to collect and maintain customer information. Even as cybersecurity threats increase, banks like Wallkill Valley Federal Savings and Loan still need to gather personal data in order to provide the personalized banking experience that our customers have come to expect.

Nowadays, the banking industry cannot afford to take risks with customer data. A single leak could have disastrous and wide-reaching implications. At Wallkill Valley Federal Savings and Loan, we are fully aware of the importance of implementing an effective cybersecurity detection, defense, and counterattack system. Some measures that we implement are:

The establishment of a clear-cut security policy.  Everyone at WVFSL is trained on internet use, the handling of customer information, and the proper procedure for dealing with security issues. The security policy also ensures that employees are aware of the consequences of violating the policy.

Implementing computer system safeguards. Safeguards are put into place that not only protect individual computers terminals but the entire network as well. In addition to a firewall system, our banking security systems are designed to provide adequate protection against viruses, malware, and attacks from malicious software.

Controlling access to data. Restricting employee access to data is an essential part of preserving cybersecurity. WVFSL implements a policy of a separate user account for each employee. This ensures that all company personnel has access only to the data that they need to perform their duties.

Security training for employees. Our staff is trained to know how to identify and deal with suspicious emails and how to use the internet safely, including when they are working off-site.

Regular software updates. Making sure that software is updated periodically is essential for maintaining cybersecurity. As is staying on top of patches that address security lapses in software products. 


If you have questions about how we keep your personal information safe, please call 845-895-2051 or visit We will be happy to address your cybersecurity concerns.