This Year Let’s Have Less Tricks And More Treats… Tips For Halloween!


When fall rolls around and we begin to enjoy the beauty of the fall season in the Hudson Valley that means that Halloween is right around the corner! Halloween is a fun time especially when everyone does all they can to stay safe! To help your family enjoy more treats and less tricks this Halloween, we’ve put together a list of tips to keep your holiday safe for everyone!

  • Don’t Drink & Drive – Children are not the only ones celebrating Halloween.
    • If you are heading to a Halloween party, be sure to designate a driver or call a taxi or ride-sharing service.
    • Be especially attentive to the road and if you witness a driver who you think might be intoxicated, call the police.


  • Make Smart Costume Choices – By all means dress up but put safety first!
    • Choose fitted costumes so that kids don’t get injured by decorations involving candles or stepping on hems that are too long and falling down.
    • Choose make-up over masks.  Masks may look amazing but they impair visibility which can lead to injury.
    • Choose costumes that are flame resistant & have reflective qualities.
    • Avoid large and heavy props.


  • Take Safety Precautions When Trick or Treating
    • Review important information.  Make sure they know how to dial 911 and can tell you their address & phone number.
    • Be sure they are well supervised.
    • Review stranger danger rules with your children and let them know that no matter how good the candy is they should never go inside the house or car of a stranger.
    • Don’t assume cars can see you.  It is hard for cars to see children when it is twilight.  For extra visibility, add reflective tape to their costume.
    • Go over basic traffic rules again with your children. Some rules you might want to refresh with them are stopping before crossing the street, looking both ways and only crossing at crosswalks.
    • Keep an eye out for upset or agitated dogs and warn your kids not to run up to a dog they don’t know.
    • Never walk close to lit candles.


  • Make Sure All Candy Collected Is Safe
    • Be sure to have dinner or a snack before heading out.  Trick or Treat candy can be very tempting and your child will be less likely to overindulge if they have a full belly.
    • Tell your kids not to eat any candy when they are out trick-or-treating.  When they get home, check to be sure that the candy is commercially and tightly wrapped and if the child is small remove gum, peanuts and hard candies.
    • Ration your child’s candy intake so they don’t make themselves sick.

Finally, be sure to have fun! We want you to have a safe & happy Halloween.  After all, we’re your biggest fan!