Supporting Local Charities Makes Our Communities Stronger, Part 3 – Milton Edition


Community is important for each of us.  Having a friendly environment for our children to play and people willing to donate their time to keep us safe are important to the life of our local community.  As a bank, we believe in supporting not-for-profit organizations that help to make our community a better place to live. Since October we have been sharing about the charities that it has been our pleasure to support during the course of the year.  Now that it is December, this series of blogs will come to an end. Today’s blog will focus on two charities near our Milton branch and in the coming weeks we will feature our Highland Falls branch.

Marlboro Hose Company


Marlboro Youth Baseball

Wallkill Valley Federal Savings and Loan is proud to support the work of Marlboro Hose Company and all they do for the good of our community.

About Marlboro Hose
Marlboro Hose Company #1 is located at 14 Grand Street in Marlboro, NY.  The company is made up of approximately 45 volunteer firefighters on call to respond whenever the need arises. Aside from their responsibilities as first responders to our community’s emergencies, Marlboro Hose participates in several events throughout the year in an effort to help educate the people of our community on fire safety.  For upcoming events and tips to keep your family safe you can find them on facebook:

Wallkill Valley Federal Savings & Loan was happy to be a part of the Marlboro Hose Company’s celebration on June 11th where the community gathered to celebrate the installation of new firefighters.  It was an honor for us to be able to be a part of the celebration in support of these brave men and women.

Marlboro Youth Baseball and Softball serves our entire community. 

About Marlboro Youth Baseball
With 9 different divisions of baseball and softball being played, Marlboro Youth Baseball and Softball, provides recreation for our children on 9 separate fields in and around the community.  The organization has become a vital part of life here in Milton.  With T-ball and teams serving high school aged youth, as well as everything in between, the boys and girls in our neighborhood have a safe place to gather, learn and have fun in the great outdoors.  To find out more visit their website at:

To help support the Marlboro Youth Baseball Program our Milton Branch was happy to make donations toward the league’s field and concession stand as well as becoming uniform sponsors.