Save your way to a happier 2019 – 13 Tips for saving your hard earned money and living your best life now!


Almost everyone you meet is looking to live a better life in the year ahead.  For many of us that means putting a little focus on our finances and trying to save money.  We know that saving money can be a challenge.  Between impulsive purchases and cars that need brakes, life just seems to get in the way of your desire to save.  WVFSL would like to help. Below are a few thoughts on how we can help you save money so that you can achieve your savings goals and start living your best life now!

Coin Machines
We were surprised to read in a report from CBS News that Americans toss nearly $62 million coins each year! 

While that notion seems unbelievable, it did lead us to an easy way for you to save.  EVERY PENNY COUNTS!  Collect your change in one spot.  Put it in a piggy bank, jelly jar or bowl and then once a month bring it into one of our branches that have coin machines.  There are no fees to use our coin machines and once you dump your coins in, simply bring the receipt to a teller and tell them which of your accounts you would like to deposit into!

Statement Savings Accounts
According to financial quru Dave Ramsey $1000 will cover most emergencies like a sudden auto repair or an emergency trip to the vet for your dog.

If the unexpected expenses that seem to come out of nowhere are the things that often trip up your savings goals, a savings account with $1000 set aside for emergencies is a great place to start.  We have several savings options available to our customers and you can explore them all here (link to savings account page) but for short term savings our Statement Savings Account may be your best bet.

Holiday Clubs
Last year the average spending for the Christmas Holiday Season was $885. 

Don’t spend January pinching pennies to pay off your Christmas debt.  We recommend opening a Holiday Club account today!  If you begin depositing $23 each week by the 3rd week in October (when the Holiday Club Checks are cut), you will have $874 to spend!

Vacation Clubs
According to American Express the average family of four spends $4580 on their annual vacation.

Instead of financing your vacation with a credit card and coming home to debt, put aside a bit of money each month so the relaxation you feel on vacation can stay with you a bit longer!  WVFSL’s Vacation Club account might just be the perfect place to start saving for your getaway.  Stash $400 a month and you can afford the average escape in one year, sound like a lot?  Set aside $200 a month and you can plan your getaway in two years!

Certificates of Deposit
If your savings goals are more along the lines of preparing to purchase your first home, a CD might be the right account to place your nest egg.  A CD is a great place to set aside funds that you have no intention of using for a while.  CDs are offered for a variety of terms, generally speaking, the longer the term, the higher the interest rate.  During the term of the CD, your money sits in your account, the principle remains protected while earning a competitive APY.

Here’s to a happy 2019!  WVFSL is here to help meet your financial goals by providing products & services that will help you succeed.  We hope you found the above tips helpful, if you have any questions please feel free to stop by any one of our branches.