Pay It Forward Delights Wallkill Valley Federal Savings & Loan Branch Communities

Pay It Forward Delights Wallkill Valley Federal Savings & Loan Branch Communities
Imagine pumping gas at your local Stewarts when a stranger approaches, hands you an envelope filled with money and explains that the local bank wants to Pay it Forward.  How would you react?  Branch managers from all four of the Wallkill Valley Federal Savings & Loan locations found out this week when they went out in their communities with envelopes of cash. 


From the young lady beginning a new job after a very challenging year who declared the gift “a blessing” to the pregnant woman pumping gas who used part of her gift to bring coffee to her mechanic, Wallkill Valley Federal Savings & Loan’s Pay it Forward movement was a great success. Prior to the event, President and CEO Michael Horodyski stated “We're hoping this gives people the initiative to practice the same type of generosity and do nice deeds for other people.  It would be great to have this whole thing build upon itself.”  And that is just what occurred; one recipient decided that they money they received should go back into the community and decided to donate to a local food bank, while another felt there were others who needed it more so he vowed to Pay it Forward to someone in real need.


Responses varied from the stories shared above from the people who accepted the gift with a simple “Thank you, that was really nice” to those who declared “I don’t want it, give it to someone in need.” Overall, everyone from the employees at the businesses, to the recipients, to the branch managers ended the day feeling a little bit better about their community and with a smile on their faces. Jim DiSalvo, manager of the Highland Falls branch said it best when he related “It’s another way of community banking at its best. It shows that we really take it seriously when we call ourselves a community bank.”


Wallkill Valley Federal Savings & Loan serves individuals and locally owned businesses throughout the Hudson Valley.  Their 100+ years of history is positive proof of their understanding of the needs within our community and their dedication to helping it grow.  With 4 locations (Wallkill, Milton, Highland Falls, Maybrook) and a full spectrum of on-line banking options, they are working hard to provide customers with the ideal banking experience.  For more detailed information regarding services, branch locations and hours, contact the main branch at 845-895-2051 or visiting their website at