Last Minute Gift Ideas At Any Budget

Is the date on the calendar making you panic?  Still need a few gifts? Well hopefully we can help. You can give a gift or an experience. A well-researched outing will bring a smile to your friend’s face as easily as a pretty package.


Here are a few ideas for the people on your list:


  • The Bookworm – We all know one. If you are looking for a gift, how about a gift card for a local bookstore.  Even better, make a date to go for a cup of coffee and talk about the last book you read.


  • The Coffee Connoisseur – Any coffee snob worth their beans has their own preferred brewing method.  Maybe a new coffee maker is just the thing!  Then ask for an invitation to try it out. Or offer to make or bring over pastry for a coffee filled visit.


  • The Fitness Freak – We may not understand their obsession, but the fitness fanatic loves all things fitness. You can spring for a gym membership or a workout video series. And if you don’t have enough money in the budget for a gift, then make a hiking date and offer to pack a healthy lunch. Nothing is better than giving the gift of time!


  • The Animal Lover – Nobody has enough throw blankets, how about one decorated with adorable kittens?  Or maybe a membership to a zoo or a gift certificate to a dog groomer? As a gift alternative you can offer to volunteer together to walk dogs or clean cages at your local rescue shelter.


  • The Foodie – While it would seem that your Foodie friend would be simple to buy for, truth is they probably have their favorites already. Why not check out the best seller list for a new cookbook to pique their interest? For added fun, bookmark a page with a dish you can make together to enjoy with mutual friends.


  • The Movie Lover – While gift cards for movie tickets will be a hit, making time to plan a movie outing together will be even more of one!  You can even offer to buy the popcorn!


  • The Introvert – Noise canceling headphones are the buzz this year. There are all style and price ranges to choose from. If you prefer to offer something a bit more special, tell your introvert friends to call you when they’re ready, and you’ll make yourself available for some conversation and sharing of deep ideas.


You don’t have to spend a bunch to let your loved-ones know you care. In fact, we highly advise against over-spending or going into debt to buy holiday gifts. So, while some of these examples are fun and some are thoughtful, you will never miss by offering quality time and making memories, with your family and friends.


Happy Holidays from your friends at Wallkill Valley Federal Savings and Loan!