Halloween Safer…tips to keep your Halloween happy!

Can you believe that October is almost at and end and the kids will be trick or treating next week?  Halloween can be tons of fun as long as everyone plays it safe! As your community bank we wanted to post a few tips for all the families out there with little ones who might be heading out to score some candy.  We’d like to help you have a Halloween filled with more treats than tricks! 

Keeping Kids Safe
Who doesn’t look forward to dressing up as your favorite super hero and collecting a bag full of delicious treats?  Check out our tips on costumes, venturing out to go trick or treating and candy all geared toward making your Halloween a happy one.

Costumes Tips

  • Choose fitted over flowing.  Between decorations involving candles and kids tripping on hems that are too long, it is just better to keep your child’s costume close to their body.
  • Choose make-up over masks.  While masks look awesome and help your kids achieve their favorite character’s look easier sometimes they can impair visibility.
  • Choose costumes that are flame resistant. With candles everywhere during this holiday it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Choose costumes that have reflective qualities.  If they don’t, add reflective tape to your costume or your pumpkin. 

Trick or Treating

  • Review important information.  Make sure you review important information with your child before they head out the door.  Do they know how to dial 911?  Do they know their address and phone number in case they get separated from their group.
  • Be sure they are well supervised.  Trick or Treat with groups of friends and be sure there are plenty of adults supervising. 
  • Don’t ever go inside a home or car. Review stranger danger rules with your children and let them know that no matter how good the candy is they should never go inside a house or car on Halloween or at any other time.
  • Don’t assume cars can see you.  It is hard for cars to see children when it is twilight.  Plus when kids are excited and traveling in groups, it is hard for drivers to keep track of all the activity. For extra visibility, add reflective tape to your costume or your trick or treat bag. 


  • Be sure to have dinner or a snack before heading out.  Trick or Treat candy can be very tempting and your child will be less likely to over indulge if they have a full belly.
  • Consider setting an example by handing out toys instead of treats. Coloring books and crayons or small boys will also be a treat they can enjoy.
  • Review and Ration candy. It is a great idea for parents to review their child’s candy before letting them sample it to make sure it is safe.  Look for opened candy or loose wrappers.  It is also wise to ration your child’s candy intake so they don’t make themselves sick. 

Looking for an option to Trick or Treating?
The Village of Maybrook will be hosting a Halloween Celebration on Sunday October 30th beginning at noon.  Kids can enjoy games, music and of course candy in a friendly safe environment!  Wallkill Valley Federal Savings and Loan will be there with a table full of goodies to share. 

Click here for more info.