Community First! The people you meet…Mary Beth Maio, branch manager Milton.

Our new TV ads running feature our branch managers out and about in the community.  We thought we would brag about them just a bit in order to help you get to know them a little bit better.  Since this week we are focusing on Milton, we will talk about our branch manager at that location, Mary Beth Maio.

Getting to know Mary Beth Maio, Branch Manager of Milton:

For the last 5 years and 3 months, Mary Beth Maio has served as branch manager for the Milton location of Wallkill Valley Federal Savings and Loan.  Mary Beth has been in the banking industry for over 25 years. Her work has included working for both smaller sized, community minded banks as well as larger banks.  Mary Beth is also an active participant within in the community.  She is currently serving as an Ulster County Legislator.  The districts she represents are Highland and Marlboro.  She enjoys being a part of the community in both her role as branch manager and legislator; it gives her a unique perspective when she is out in the community for politics.

Want to hear Mary Beth talk about her work in Milton in her own words? 

“I’ve been in banking for over 25 years.  I’ve worked for bigger banks, which lead me to a deeper appreciation of community banking.  I’m the branch manager at our Milton location but I’m also an Ulster County Legislator for the Highland & Marlboro districts.  It’s great that my banking and political circles are within the same area.  It helps me to be more grounded so I can better serve the community.”

If you live or work in Milton and are looking to build a relationship with your bank, we invite you to stop by the branch and introduce yourself to Mary Beth!  She would be happy to find out more about your financial goals and fill you in on some of the products and services that make Wallkill Valley Federal Savings and Loan so unique.  The branch is located at 1880 Route 9W, stop in and say Hello today!