Community First! The people you meet….Denise Mathelier, branch manager Maybrook.

We’ve just started airing the second of our new TV ads featuring our branch managers!  This one also features the BM’s out and about in their communities and since we are talking about Maybrook this week, we thought we would share a bit about our branch manager at that location, Denise Mathelier.

Getting to know Denise Mathelier, Branch Manager of Maybrook:

Denise has served as branch manager for the Maybrook location of Wallkill Valley Federal Savings and Loan since we opened the doors late in 2014.  In fact, Denise has been working in the location for quite some time!  When it was under the management of Bank of New York, Denise was a trainer at the bank.  Then in 2006 when CHASE took over the location, Denise served as an assistant manager, a position she held until 2013.  At that time she was transferred to a Kingston location of Chase until her return to the area as branch manager for Wallkill Valley Federal Savings and Loan.  Denise’s favorite part of working with WVFSL is the bank’s commitment to providing services that will benefit the local community, and putting the needs of the community first.  Developing relationships with locals is an important part of what Denise does, each and every day.  Want proof?  A former CHASE customer from the Maybrook location tracked Denise down in Kingston to let her know that a branch manager position had opened up in Maybrook, this time for WVFSL.

Want to hear Denise talk about her work in Maybrook in her own words? 

“What I love about Maybrook is the sense of community among the people that live and work here.  Everyone from the folks at the Village office to the seniors at the Golden Links look out for their neighbors.  They check in on the sick, provide support and celebrate successes/milestones.  What a great place to raise a family.”

If you live or work in Maybrook and are looking to build a relationship with your bank, we invite you to stop by the branch and introduce yourself to Denise!  She would love to show the products and services that make Wallkill Valley Federal Savings and Loan different from other banks.  The branch is located at 205 Homestead Avenue, stop in and say Hello today!