How to Avoid Fees

Our Customers' Best Interests are our # 1 Priority at Wallkill Valley Federal!

When it comes to fees, quite simply, we try to keep them to a minimum.  But the fact is, they do exist.  Although the returns from our limited fees help us offset some of our operational costs, we really do want our customers to be able to avoid fees whenever possible.

NSF & Uncollected Funds Fees

These common fees occur when you have Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) or "Uncollected Funds" (checks you deposited haven't had time to clear) in your account to cover checks or automatic payment transfers.  Always try to keep a cushion in your account to cover any accidental bookkeeping errors and remember to immediately deduct all ATM & Bill-Pay withdrawals as well as debit card purchases.  Remember to factor in clearing time when you deposit checks, or better yet, arrange for Direct Deposit to avoid check clearing delays.  You may also want to consider linking your checking account to your Statement Savings or Statement Money Market account using our automatic "Overdraft Transfer" service.  Once you sign up, we will automatically transfer the amount needed from your linked savings account to cover a check, debit or automatic transfer.  Though there is a small ($ 5.00) fee for each time you use this service, you will have the piece of mind that comes from knowing that your check or POS Debit will be paid and you will also avoid the potential costs and embarrassment of an NSF situation.

ATM Fees

There is no charge to use your ATM or Debit Card at the ATM located at our office.  If possible, please use our ATM for your afterhours cash needs.  Please note that we also waive our foreign ATM fees when you maintain a combined balance above $ 25,000 for the entire month in your non-retirement deposit accounts at Wallkill Valley Federal.

Minimum Balance Fees 

We have purposely set our minimum balance requirements very low.  But if possible, please keep a close eye on your account balance using our free, convenient telephone or internet banking portals to avoid falling below the prescribed minimum at any time.  Also please note that we will waive all minimum balance fees on our checking accounts when you maintain a combined balance above $ 25,000 for the entire month in your (non-retirement) deposit accounts at Wallkill Valley Federal. 

Please note that balance inquiries, loan payments, internal transfers and all transactions from a checking account do not count as part of these six transactions.  And, there are no limitations to the number of transactions that you can handle on any account in person, by mail or through an ATM.  You may want to consider opening a checking account with us to avoid these restrictions.