Tired of being nickel and dimed with endless fees on your current checking account? Do stiff service fees for not maintaining high minimum balances infuriate you? Well, you should be banking at Wallkill Valley Federal....

At Wallkill Valley Federal we understand your frustration, so we developed a choice of checking accounts to fit every need. 

Why is our NOW account a great vehicle for you?

Simple - we pay great rates.  Not only are the rates among the highest available from any local institution -  our NOW account actually pays higher rates than many financial institutions choose to pay on their Regular Savings Accounts! 

Maintain at least a $ 300.00 balance and there are no monthly fees, or per check charges. A service charge of  $9.00 is imposed if the account balance falls below the minimum balance at any time during the month.

You will receive a monthly statement outlining all account activity around the 5th of each month. Interest will compound continuously and is credited monthly. You must maintain a minimum balance of $ 100.00 to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield.

Not worried about receiving interest? Don't want to carry a minimum balance?

Then our Basic Now account is just right for you!  There is no minimum balance requirement and you will receive no monthly service fee as long as you maintain a direct deposit or ACH transfer to your account. 

Both of our checking vehicles come with the convenience of free Online Banking, Free Online Bill Payment and an ATM or Visa™ Check Card.

See Deposit Rates for the most up to date information.