Loan Documentation List

To help expedite your loan request, it is important that you provide the Association with all of the information that we will need to make a decision.  Below is a brief checklist of the important items you will be requested to provide when applying for a commercial loan.  This may not be all of the information that is requested but will be a good start in helping to expedite our review.  

  • 3 Years Business Tax Returns
  • 3 Years Personal Tax Returns (for each guarantor)
  • Personal Financial Statement (for each guarantor)
  • Completed Loan Application
  • Deed (if applicable)
  • Property, School Tax, Village Tax Bills (if applicable)
  • Inventory/Equipment Listing (if applicable)
  • Corporate Information, including Articles of Organization, filing receipt, etc. 
  • Year to Date Profit and Loss Statement for Business
  • Most recent Asset and Bank Statements (for each guarantor)